The inhabitants of Savona had the opportunity to admire the vehicles which were aligned on the central Piazza Mameli, for the official start given at 10.00 am by a Savona alderman. City police escorted the electric vehicles to the city limits, where they set their way on the Via Aurelia, the ancient Roman road following the coastline from Rome to the north.

Ready to depart from Savona

Under the palmtrees at Imperia
The sinuous road through pictures que seaside resorts did not allow high speeds, but offered splendid views on the Riviera coastline. Over lunch, a charging facility was provided by ENEL at Imperia's Piazza della Vittoria.
In the afternoon, the vehicles proceeded towards the French border at Menton and entered the Principality of Monaco. For the last time, they were put on charge all together.

The French/Italian border at Menton

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