The "Comminication Evergreen"
The morning of 15 october saw the apotheose of the Transeuropean: the official closing ceremony on the quays of Monaco, where the final results were presented, and awards delivered based on vehicle's energy consumption. (click link on top for full table of results) For Category IV, the two-wheel vehicles, two cups were awarded to the courageous team of Modena. Three of their electromuscularvehicles, the bicycles "Merida" and "Mercedes" and the tricycle "Giona" covered the whole distance Brussels - Monte-Carlo, without any problems.

In Category III, class <350 kg, the award went to the sole participant in this class, the "Twike". Also, in the class >1500 kg, the "Mercedes-Benz 108E" with ZEBRA batteries was awarded. In the class 750-1500 kg, representing the majority of participants, awards were divided between prototype and series-built vehicles. In the prototypes (Category II), the "Comminication Evergreen" presented by Axel Krause managed to reach an electricity consumptionof only 99 Watt-hours per ton-kilometre, thus undercutting the limit of 100. A remarkable result which underlined the energeticefficiency of today's electric vehicle technology. 

The "Mercedes-Benz 108E"

The "Peugeot 106"
For the series-built vehicles, the Peugeot 106 presented by the Electric Vehicle Club of Monte-Carlo obtained the lowest result with 124Wh/Tkm. A special mention went further to the Peugeot 106 presented by VUB-CITELEC, which scored the lowest driving time overall: 31 hoursand 16 minutes. The latter two vehicles also participated in the Monte-Carlo Rallye for Electric Vehicles, which took start in the afternoon.

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