Mr. Roland Schaal, President of CITELEC, ready to flag off Wim Deloof.
The vehicles went in a motorcade to the official start whichwas to be given by Mr Schaal, Mayor of Eschau, Vice-President of the Urban Community of Strasbourg and President of CITELEC, at the Place Kleber, with thevehicles being on show for one hour to interested locals. The first trip of the day, a long 82 km through the Alsace region, led to Colmar, where a premier downtown location, the Place des Dominicains, was reserved for the Transeuropean, which attracted a lot of interest from local people and visitors to this historic city. The participants were welcomed by the City of Colmar with a reception in the town hall.
From Colmar, another 80 km led to Basel, where the charging point at the Hilton Hotel could only be reached with difficulty due to enormous traffic problems in the city. The connection for charging was much simpler, since the Hilton has a good electric infrastructure, including a permanent solar-powered electric vehicle charging station (which was of course not sufficient for the numerous participants of the Transeuropean).
In the evening, all participants were invited for a dinner in Muttenz, one of the partner communities in the Swiss demonstration programme, where experiences could be exchanged with local electric vehicle drivers. The Mayor of Muttenz, Eros Toscanelli, made a humourous speech and wished the participants a succesfull continuation of their tour. The Mayor of Riehen, the other partner community in the Basle area, was also present with several delegates of his town.
Charging in Colmar

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