At the evening dinner in Altdorf, participants' thoughts and discussions were more concerned with the ascent of the Gotthard pass the next day than with the past day, which was not uneventful however: after a first leg from Basel to Olten, the Transeuropean was given a warm welcome in the centre of this town, where a whole street was reserved, and where a reception was offered by the city council and the local power company. Furthermore, several local electric vehicle users came to welcome the transiting electric vehicles. 

From there, the trip went on to Lucerne, where the charging took place within the setting of the Swiss national transport museum. A press conference held in these premises informed about the Transeuropean and its background. The halt at Lucerne took the whole afternoon in order to allow the participants to visit the exciting collections of the transport museum or to visit the historical city centre. A sunset drive along the picturesque shores of Lake Lucerne evenutally took the Transeuropean to Altdorf, the village of Wilhelm Tell.

Verkehrshaus Luzern


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